System Help & Tips

Built for IE 10

Initially, Internet Explorer may not display the system's pages correctly depending on which browser you are using. This is due to IE using a different engine than those of Chrome and Safari to display Web pages. If you think your page is not displaying correctly then you should switch IE to its compatibility mode. Your page is displaying correctly if see an arrow on the EMC Info menu link at the top of this page and all the wording on the page is not in bold. If it is you will need to run IE in Compatability View.
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EVE EMC's Xenturion Gatekeeper Security Notices

For your data privacy EVE EMC requires that you click on the Logout function located on all the menues displayed to you. Simply closing the browser window will not log you out. If you don't "logout" 3x in a row and EVE EMC will lock your account and an Administrator wil; be required to reactivate it. Please remember to log off the stystem by clicking the logout links. provided

Forgotten Password?

When you registered with EMC you should have set up your password recovery secret question and secret answer You will need to know both to recover your password. If you have forgotton your password - no problem. Click the Sign in link on the home page as this will take you to the Register/Sign in page. On this page click the Recover Password button and follow the instructions. If you have forgotten your username then please contact the System Administrator to receive it.

Using QR Codes

Quick Reference Codes (QRCs) or QR codes are a quick way to send the system your personal SOS if you cannot talk or are in an area unfamiliar to you. QR codes are read by software on your mobile device. X-tier recommends i-nigma for the iPhone & Blackberry as the recommended mobile app of choice. Install i-nigma and learn how to use EVE EMC's QR code feature to alert Emergency Managers you need help.
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Log Out Policy, Session Inactivity Policy, & Access Denials

If you have an account and are being denied access to the EMC, chances are you have accumulated three successive "logout" policy violations - OR - your session timed out (which does not log you out) for inactivity three successive times. To protect your data privacy, once you have logged in you cannot remain inactive for longer than 20 minutes or your session will time out. You will receive a warning before this happens (make sure your Status Bar located under View and Toolbars in IE10 is "checked" enabled). Simply refresh your page and your session will restart its 20 minute time interval. If you cannot log in you will need to contact the System Administrator to unlock your account.

Technical Support

We are here to help you 24/7. If you need assistance with your CMC system account please contact (xxx) xxx-xxxx or . click on the link below to contact X-tier's customer support engineers.